It was in 1985, that the Founder of The Directors Network, Steve Lewis while working as an Editor and Director himself, innovated the concept of representing a roster of Directors and DOP’s to ad agencies and clients, either directly for in-house projects or through production companies.

We ourselves are not a production company. We are a talent agency managing show reels, pitches, scheduling contracts and fee negotiations for freelance commercial Directors.  Additionally, the secret of our sustainable success is a combination of dedication to service, of perseverance to ensure the right talent for the right project, of determination to make the hiring process simple, fair and transparent, and our sincere passion for building long-term relationships.

For 37 years, and now under the leadership of its President, Jeff Lewis, The Directors Network has taken great pride in hand curating freelance talent for the advertising community. We have grown to include a bi-coastal office and international presence, continue to evolve and are now recognized as the cornerstone of the freelance talent market.

Our Team