Timothy Kendall


Whether he’s directing performance-driven comedy or stylized action, Timothy Kendall’s projects encompass a keen sense of rhythm, pacing, and visual style that captivates and entertains.

An Arizona native, he studied at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, where he honed in his film studies and added a comprehensive familiarity for visual effects and postproduction. From there, he became an editor, cutting hundreds of commercials and independent films before transitioning to directing.

Today, Kendall is a professional commercial director based in Los Angeles. He has been the recipient of dozens of advertising awards including AICPs, Clios, Lions, and many more. His work is known for a stylized use of action, comedy, and visual storytelling. He works well with a variety of celebrities and sports figures because he doesn’t know who they are.

Beyond commercials, Timothy has directed digital content from web series to digital shorts. His ongoing collaboration with director/producer Justin Lin led to Kendall directing his first feature film, Hollywood Adventures, in 2015, which went on to earn over $60 million worldwide.

Currently, Kendall is continuing to direct commercials while developing projects for television and film. He recently directed the pilot for the upcoming historical comedy series Dwight in Shining Armor.

In his free time, Kendall wonders if anyone really reads bios.