Ron Hamad


  • Ron Hamad Freelance Director

Ron Hamad Director / Photographer
Kids / Lifestyle / Healthcare / Fashion / Documentary / Dialogue

Acclaimed Director Ron Hamad hones his craft as a visual storyteller with a distinctive gift for transcending the ordinary. His inspired casting, which epitomizes the behavioral wonders of humanity, is one of the widely acknowledged cornerstones of his work. Hamad weaves visually arresting images into the fabric of each performance, combining masterful composition, and mythic, dreamlike images that are both familiar and yet tantalizingly unique. Highly evocative art direction completes the mesmerizing canvas, another aspect of the director’s signature style that has enabled him to become one of the most sought after commercial directors working today.

Some of Hamad’s TV clients include: Home Depot, Adidas, AT&T, Kraft Foods, Cheerios, Nescafe, Motorola, Blue Cross & Blue Shield, Allstate Insurance, Foster Care, Florida Anti-Smoking. Ron has been the recipient of numerous industry Directorial Awards and has directed commercials all over the country as well as internationally.

Hamad was raised abroad, benefiting from the celebration of diversity he experienced growing up in an international, multi-cultural community. He journeyed to the mid-west area of the U.S. and joined his brother’s production company, learning all facets of film-craft, as well as earning the necessary discipline and skill-sets to become a cinematographer. He was soon bit by the directing bug as well, and spent his early years shuffling from the set to the editing room, mastering all aspects of the work. Known for possessing a total command of his craft. Hamad points to those early years as instilling in him the kind of dedication that has served him well in his 20-plus year career.