Danielle Shapira


Danielle Shapira is a director based out of a LA and NY.

She got her start writing, producing, and performing sketch comedy before making her way behind the camera. Her therapist would say that creating fictional worlds, characters, and situations is Danielle’s way of establishing (the illusion of) control in a real world that is complete and utter chaos. Too deep?

Danielle’s been working in digital and commercial video for the last 8 years, and has kind of figured out what makes a video tick. Her work has gotten billions of eyeballs and has been recognized by award shows like the Telly’s, Webby’s, and Streamy’s. She only accepts nominations from award shows if they end in an ‘Y apostrophe S’.

Whether she’s working with the next big Gen Z influencer, Fortune 500 company, or A-List celebrity, she brings out the best of the campaign with her comedic relatability and human touch. Her previous clients include Vanity Fair, Who Gives A Crap, NAYALI, GQ, Pornhub Cares, and Virgin Mobile, and some celebs she’s worked with are Jimmy Kimmel, Dakota Johnson, Samuel L Jackson, Margot Robbie, Zendaya, Owen Wilson, and Paul Rudd.

On weekends you can find her makin’ goofs with her cinematographer husband and cuddling up to the latest HBO limited series with her 3.5-legged dog and two cats.