Ben Orisich


Ben Orisich Director

Ben Orisich is an accomplished commercial director based out of New York. His unique visual style and award winning post-production background are key elements to his success. With over 19 years of experience in visual effects, design, editorial and production, Orisich brings an understanding of the entire filmmaking and story-telling process to each project. He began to develop his craft as a 19 year-old Atlanta native with a passion for visual arts and story telling. Always keen on a challenge, Ben was quick to adapt to the expanding roll of digital technology. Upon moving to New York at the age 25, he began a new phase of his career, with responsibilities extending from visual effects to Creative Director and Designer. Ben’s goals were clear, and it wasn’t long before his talent behind the camera earned Ben recognition as an award-winning director for his work on national advertising campaigns.

Along with directing two Super Bowl spots that aired during the Big Game, Ben gained recognition when he was selected as one of Shoot Magazine’s Best New Directors. An adventurous soul, Ben’s career has lead him across the globe, shooting commercials from remote places throughout USA, Iceland, Italy and Slovenia as well as South America, Canada, and Mexico. Along with a passion for crafting beautiful pictures into stories, some other hobbies include road trips in fast cars, the perfect cappuccino, and the occasional explosion.