Phil Dillon


Phil Dillon’s definition of Vision : A Noun : “The ability to see: Sight, or eyesight… Also, something that you imagine,  a picture in your mind…”
This is what they, as DPs, hone as a skill, and strive for in their daily endeavors. 
For some, it’s a natural talent, but for PD, that is enhanced by shooting constantly. The word “Vision” can become a cliche… and they have to work hard so that the process doesn’t become mechanical, or automatic. 
Commercial filmmaking is, and should be, a collaborative effort. Phil Dillon strives to assess a Director’s thoughts and approach, and condense that into a tight, relevant bit of filmmaking. By living and working out of Atlanta, Phil Dillon has had exposure to a variety of directors and their work, and that has prepared him for larger projects on the National level.
With the benefit of being based in Atlanta, and working with directors from all parts of the country, Phil Dillon’s work is varied, and it validates his sense of “Vision.”