Daron Keet


  • Daron Keet Freelance Director DP

Daron Keet Cinematographer


Andrews Jenkins, David Cornell, Raymond Bark, Mike Bigelow, Jordan Brady, Jonathan Nowak, Ron Hamad, Judy Korin, Luis Ruiz, Peter Kagan, Varda Hardy, Jack Wung, Joel Umbaugh, Chris Allen Williams, Matt Lenski, Royston Tan [Singapore], Sherwin Shilati, Jerry Spivak, Clarice Chin, Nick Lines, Tasha Oldham, Alex Ardenti, Michael Victor, Arlene Bogna, Patrick Keily


Royal Caribbean, Callaway, PNC Bank, McDonald’s, Google, You Tube, Toyota, Gatorade, Pepsi, Puma, Miller High Life, Bud Light, Benihana, Plavix, Ecko Unlimited, All Sport, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Pringles, Microsoft, Disney, Humana One, VCU Medical, Walmart


Originally from South Africa, Daron immigrated to the U.S. in 2001 and joined the International Cinematographers Guild. Today, his critical eye and passionate sensibilities make him a well-sought-after Director of Photography, who moves seamlessly between commercials and features. His many years of on-the-job training enable him to bring technical proficiency, clarity, and innovation to his easygoing, on-set approach.

His cinematography work on the latest Canon cinema cameras is being used as part of Canon’s official 2014 showcase, and his short film Ripple Effect won Best Cinematography at the International Cinematographers Guild’s Emerging Cinematographer Awards.

Although a confident trailblazer when it comes to crafting varied looks for multiple clients, he is a traditionalist at heart. He has a penchant for stylized imagery, impeccable composition, classical framing, motivated camera movement, and gorgeous lighting. But don’t be surprised to see his work peppered with intentional imperfections, organic textures, haphazard sunlit flairs and snatched, well-found handheld moments. Cinematic magic is about catching those un-recreatable “lighting in a bottle” moments—those happy accidents.

Quick to embrace new technologies, Daron has extensive experience on the latest digital cameras. He relies heavily on in-camera techniques to achieve the most nuanced yet appropriate visual style. He is an expert on lens bokeh, and is particularly fond of weaving extreme slow motion, motion control, aerial, underwater and time-lapse cinematography into his work.

Some of his work is described as European flair, others as distinctly American—either way, the contradiction makes him happy. “I don’t want my work categorized, it’s not about a particular style; it’s about the ability to transcend the expected, continually helping clients find the most compelling visual language for every unique story to stand out.”

Having recently returned from a period-style feature project in Nepal, Daron is now available for commercial work.