THE DIRECTORS NETWORK (TDN) The premier talent agency for freelance directors, director/cameramen and DP’s.

TDN was founded in 1985 by industry veteran STEVE LEWIS. The marketing concept behind TDN is to be positioned as a pillar to the production, agency and client communities. TDN allows its Directors to work directly with production companies, advertising agencies who produce in-house and clients directly. All jobs are produced on a job-by-job basis.

EMAIL US YOUR BRIEF and we will create wiredrive links with the best directors for the project. We will also make sure they are available for the dates requested. We do our best to service all request same day.

Once the agency/client asks the production company for a bid/treatment, TDN puts the Director directly in touch with the production company. From that point on the Director is handled just like any staff Production Company Director, with the exception of coordinating the Directors schedule and deal making behind the scenes with TDN.

TDN is NOT a production company. TDN handles their talent’s submissions, scheduling, deal making, and sample reel building and tracking.

TDN’s protocol is to continually evolve and suit the needs of the ever changing industry.

In 2005 Steve’s son, JEFF LEWIS, joined TDN as an agent and partner and is now the sole owner. As a former production manager and producer for commercials and music videos, Jeff is a perfect fit and has taken over the day-to-day operations putting together deals between TDN talent and production companies. Jeff not only brings experience, but also a young, fresh attitude and exuberance to the agency and its future in the commercial, features and promo world.