Adam Jones


My first gig out of college was as a PA on a TV commercial directed by Albert Maysles. I’d heard he was a legendary director, but I was most concerned with earning some gas money and buying my first Leatherman. I immediately migrated to Art Department which was fascinating.

As a Production Designer I developed an eye for style, color, composition, decoration—and how to articulate such things with my director, and my crew. I soon saw that directing looked like the most fun. Since then, I have directed hundreds of TV commercials and branded content projects for national and international brands around the world. I’ve developed a wheelhouse in comedy dialogue, improv, visual storytelling. I have a solid instinct for casting and performance—no matter if it’s actors, non-actors, kids or sports celebs—it’s about reading the vibe, and creating a safe space to do good work, and it’s always different. Filmmaking is a team sport, so the collaboration part is my favorite.

In the unscripted realm my documentary work has sent me around the world shooting branded content about everything from blue macaws to race cars. My first doc feature about the US fishing industry and our human relationship with the ocean is in post-production and continues to be a passion project where characters, process and storytelling structure are king. Understanding what the viewer can absorb through either side of their brain has been an illuminating education.

Along the way my spots and shorts have won a bunch of awards including a Gold Lion, a Clio, CA Annual, FWA Site of the Year, Tellys and Addys, as well as a handful of film festival awards. My web series The Stay-At-Home Dad, which I directed and co-wrote, was dubbed “Mega-popular” on Comedy Central’s with over 4 million views. I was nominee for NH Filmmaker of the year in 2007, and I’m a founding board member of the Monadnock International Film Festival.

I have extensive experience in taking multiple projects from script to shoot through post. I have an amazing network of people and resources for all scales of production on both coasts that I’m willing to share. I live in Portland, OR with my family and two goofy labradoodles, but I’ll jump on a plane on a moment’s notice.