Kerry Shaw Brown


  • Kerry Shaw Brown Freelance Director

  • Kerry Shaw Brown Freelance Director

  • Kerry Shaw Brown Freelance Director

Kerry Shaw Brown Director
Cars / Celebrities / Dialogue / Documentary / Healthcare / Kids / Lifestyle / Real People /  VFX

With his penchant for storytelling, Director Kerry Shaw Brown has pushed into the forefront of the directing world. His list of clients continues to expand featuring a wide range of brands and entertainment entities, including directing promos for the acclaimed Fox shows ‘Gotham’ and ‘The Following’, as well as commercials and content for Verizon, Volvo, Radio Shack, the Today Show, Acura, Victory Motorcycles, Air Force, Maker’s Mark, and HP to name just a few.

Whether it’s automotive, tech or humanity, it’s his background in directing, writing, painting, and photography that fuels his passion for telling stories no matter what the vibe, genre or brand category.

Before launching his directing career in 2000, Kerry had been an award-winning agency creative director working on Chevrolet and GM. The 14 years he spent on the agency side gave him a deep understanding of branding which allows him to work in a very informed and collaborative way with creative teams and clients to bring their projects to life.

One of his other unique attributes is editing. Kerry thinks like a director and an editor when shooting and that combination helps take his storytelling to new levels. He is hired to do the first ‘creative’ cuts for more than half of the projects he directs, which gives the creative team a unique and valuable starting point for finishing the project.